About Gbamm!

Gbamm! is a mobile social platform to make watching football on TV more interactive and social. We are a 2nd Screen application (that’s the tech-speak) that allows you to connect with other football fans and experience football in a more social manner, wherever you watch the match.

On Gbamm! you can comment on games, gist and banter with fellow and rival fans, discuss decisions, tactics and play. And so much more… All live!

When you join the Gbamm! community, you also get tailored news and information about your team, favourite (or least favourite) players and managers. Gbamm! keeps you up to date with all the news, gossip and action of the English Premier League (and we will be adding other leagues and competitions in the near future).

You can also join Groups of like-minded fans to interact, make new friends and join the discussion or banter (yapis or name calling). Groups enrich your experience of Gbamm! and allow you to make more connections and get more perspectives about football. You can even create your own ‘Private Groups’ with your friends, connections or colleagues for some serious banter.

We very much welcome suggestions of new Groups to create – please click here.

Gbamm! also has some great interactive content you can get and share with your friends and other fans. Our ‘Meme Of The Day’ (#GbammMOTD) allows you to caption images and create memes about football. Really good memes will even win prizes. We also have special football emoticons and digital ‘Playing Cards’ that you can impress your friends and other football fans with. You can get these from our ‘Shop’

We hope you enjoy the Gbamm! experience and will tell your friends about it. Please like our Facebook Page and follow us on Twitter or use the #Gbamm on social media

Gbamm! Football-Social-Mobile.


Mobile Social for the Global Game!